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Current CCH Prayer List 

Hennie Vorster - Covid. Recovering gradually at home. Son Rikus is doing better now as well.
Mike Howe - Covid. In ICU at Mediclinic. Doctors are having difficulty weaning him off O2.
Gerry & Heath Labuschagne - recovering from covid. Needing to regain strength.
Lanuti family - Leone has covid. She is isolating at home. Eddy’s sister Chrissie and her husband Chris are also battling covid. In addition, Eddy's nephew Giovanni (Chrissie’s son) and his wife Lizzie lost their baby at full term. Baby was stillborn. Please pray for the entire Lanuti family.
Pam Peters - has recovered from small op. Grateful to God for all the love and care she has received from her church family. 
Willie Botha (George Botha’s dad) -  Willie has been admitted to a rehab facility—a wonderful answer to prayer. 
Madelaine de Klerk (Molly Venter’s daughter) - Doing much better, for which we give thanks to God.   

Ben Duncan - Discharged from Hosp. Seizures under somewhat better control. Please continue to pray for this family. Daughter Shannon has recovered from Covid, with no-one else being infected. 

Henrietta Mulke – Needing to regain strength and stamina after ops on back and foot. 

Gaye Potter (Tom’s mom) – receiving treatment for cancer

Patti Childs - (former member of our church) Receiving treatment for cancer. 

Engela Zonomessis - Stage 4 cancer. Engela writes: “I am in my last trial and know my Lord is with me all the time. I feel His arms around me ready to lift me up to paradise. I feel how He strengthens my faith and the joy that is near to see His face.  I pray for you all and that we will meet together in heaven. I don’t know God’s time but I feel it is close.”

Darren Odendaal (Patsy Odendaal's son in the UK). Experiencing significant work stress which is affecting his health.

The Munemo and Mugumbate family - Evas and Lloyd’s father, Zaphania Mugumbate, has tested positive for covid in Zim. Please also pray for Wisdom's father, Simon Munemo, who is receiving treatment for prostate cancer

Joyce Reddy’s daughter, Carol - hospitalised with Covid. 

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