Christ Church Hermanus is part of a family of churches, known as REACH South Africa (see http://reachsa.org.za). There are three words that, together, describe our church. They are the words Evangelical, Reformed, and Conservative.


As evangelicals, we believe that what the Bible says is true – that we are lost sinners who need to be made spiritually alive. This is accomplished through a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, as we respond in faith to the message that God’s Son, Jesus, died upon the cross to rescue us from the judgment we deserve. Those who have been made alive by the Spirit of God will show evidence of His activity in their lives, through godliness and holiness.


As reformed believers, we stand in agreement with the key points of doctrine articulated and defended by men like Martin Luther and John Calvin, and summarised in the statement: “Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, made known by scripture alone and to the glory of God alone”.


The word “conservative” refers to our belief in the authority of the Bible as God's inspired word. Theological liberals say that the Bible contains errors and cannot be relied upon to tell us truth about ourselves and God. We, however, believe the Bible to be supremely authoritative (and so we must read it), completely accurate (and so we must believe it), and entirely sufficient (and so we must look no further than it) for all of life. We hold the Bible to be God’s Word above all things!