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Awesome Holiday Fun!

This holiday, let your kids experience the time of their lives and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ!! Our annual holiday club is staffed by Stellies students from Christ Chruch Stellenbosch, as well as familiar faces from Christ Church Hermanus. We can’t wait to hang out with your kids and share Christ through every aspect of the club. Oodles of fun, games, drama, singing and bible teaching. 


We firmly believe that God’s Word transforms hearts. Our holiday club keeps kids engaged throughout the entire day based on what we know about their ability to learn and comprehend truths about God at each age.


The Holiday Club gives your leaders and kids a place to interact and bond for more than just an hour or two—meals, free time, and worship are all opportunities for spiritual conversations! Kids leave camp having formed lifelong friendships with other believers their age.


From Morning Worship to Bible Study, Recreation to Fun Times, everything at our Holiday Club is designed with the heart of a child in mind. There are lots of fun options for kids, but our main objective is to  ensure that God’s Word is the focus of every part of our camp, including the fun stuff. 

Registration information below

The Holiday Club runs daily from Monday 27 June until Friday 1 July and is open to kids from 7-13 years
( Grades 1-7).
Registration opens at 8:30am each day and the packed programme begins at 9am. 
Parents need to complete and sign an indemnity form and hand it in when your child attends for the first time. To save time on the day, or if you are sending your child with someone else, you can
download the form here
Fill it in, sign it and then bring it on the day. 
Or scan it and send it by WhatsApp to Tom 0796077797 or email

What makes the Holiday Club so special?

Christ Church Hermanus is a magical place for children because the staff and volunteers have created an incredible experience for children. Our kids are able to discover God’s kingdom in exciting ways. This program is a ministry experience with action, adventure, and powerful spiritual worship. Christ Church Hermanus and Christ Church Stellenbosch have been partnering in this annual Holiday Club since 2004 ( with a pandemic break in 2020 and 2021). The students often return year after year, and are passionate about sharing God's love and the gospel with your children.



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